This blog is about onEye, an independant adventure / run & gun game developped by Gromy.


The game is available now!

Hi everybody!

I have the pleasure to announce the launch of One Eye Adventure!

You can buy it here

You can also download the demo here (see the previous post) :

QWERTY version

AZERTY version

You can also tell all your friends this game is released (and it's cool :) )

Some screenshots to celebrate the release :


A demo is available!


One Eye Adventure should have been released today but I'm experiencing some problems with my online store so you'll have to wait au little more.

I come with a good news anyway : the free demo is available!

You can download it here :

QWERTY version

AZERTY version

I hope you'll enjoy it!

Do not hesitate to share the good news and tell me what you like and dislike in the game.

See you soon for the game release!

In the full game there will be :

- Saves
- All the 40+ levels (including 4 boss)
- A challenge level (unlimited)
- A time attack mode
- Some bonus levels with famous references
- Lots of secrets to discover



Hi everyone!

The release is really soon so I bring you a little teaser :